Welcome to EDXA Labs

EDXA Labs is a payment liquidity solution on Binance Smart Chain. We are integrating real world payment with cryptocurrencies.


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Bridging real world with crypto.

Our vision is to leverage DeFi on the cryptocurrency space with existing payment system. By using the liquidity on existing decentralize exchanges electronic remittance and money transfer experience can be improve dramatically.

We are working with payment gateway providers and e-wallet services to leverage this technology and bring it to the masses.

Crypto Apps

We focus on anything crypto from centralize to decentralize applications. We believe these 2 space need to co-exist in harmony.

We are constantly looking in the markets for opportunity to bring new values in form of tools and applications.

One of the tools we are working with our partners is a social trading copy system.


EDXA is not just an exchange. Our main goals is to create integration with real world payment system.


Swap BEP20 tokens with very low fees. Wide range of tokens and stable coins


Token holder incentives program. Stake EDXA or provide liquidity to earn more EDXA


Launch your token on EDXA. We provide technical assistance. Get in touch with us.

Social Copytrade

Follow trade from reputable trader. Details will be annouce soon.


Integration with e-wallet for international remittance. Details will be announce soon.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integration with existing payment gateway. Details will be annouce soon.